Versions of the same story…

Book, film, TV adaptation, radio, stage play? Well, a new one joins the club. Subtitles. I know they’re not a new invention and they’d be pretty difficult to achieve on radio, but just lately they’ve come into their own. They used to be dreadful, but I’ve been watching ‘The Bridge’ on Amazon lately and the subtitles are superb. Not a direct copy of what’s being said, I’m sure (though my Swedish isn’t what it was!) but clear, colourful and held on the screen long enough to be read. A telling of the story in their own right.
The Nathan Hawk series won’t need subtitles, not in English anyway. My first choice of actor will be someone who can speak, not mumble or whisper. And Nathan has a lot to say as you’ll find out in the latest book in the Nathan Hawk Murder Mysteries, JERICHO ROAD.


Douglas Watkinson is an English novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

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