Mother isn’t feeling well…

I’m always harping on about television sequels and prequels, and new adaptations of classics that were better done in the past. To me they are proof pudding of the lack of originality among writers and producers. ‘Endeavour’ is the prequel that’s the odd one out: beautifully written and acted with the directors keeping well out of the way.

But I’ve found a prequel that doesn’t work on any level. It’s ‘Bates Motel’ and the reason it misfires is because it asks us to sympathise with two people whose direction of travel we know only too well. Norma Bates ends up as a skeleton strapped to a rocking chair, Norman winds up as the title of the original film ‘Psycho’. No saving grace to either of them, nor to many of those around her, so why should I care how it all started?


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