Do you know what happened to ‘Nor’? Neither do I…

I don’t usually care if words drop off the edge of the plate, with one exception. Whatever happened to the word ‘nor’? It’s not a particularly beautiful word in its own right but it has a purpose without which some sentences don’t make sense. ‘Nor’ is being constantly replaced by ‘neither’. I watched an episode of Suits the other night, quite well written stuff, and there were three ‘neithers’ where there should have been ‘nors’. Strange how these things gradually drive you mad!

Neither did I, said Harvey

Neither will they, said Mike

Me neither, Rachel chipped in

We all got the drift but it means that ‘neither one thing neither the other’ is now the accepted usage and presumably, with either being replaced by or, ‘either this either that’ is supposed to make sense. It’s not quite as bad as ‘of’ replacing ‘have’ but it’s a close second and I know language is a living thing but that’s no reason to kill it. There’s a whole host of others. Don’t get me started on the old favourites ‘less’ and ‘fewer’, ‘imply’ and ‘infer’ and espically ‘bought’ and ‘brought’.


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