Expletives not deleted…

When I worked as a script editor in BBC drama, a hundred years ago, not only was the F word an unthinkable prospect, but the powers that be were nervous about using the word ‘God’ in any context. And, unbelievably now, there was a Unit housed in an ivory tower somewhere that read every script that went out! One of the members of this team rang me one day to insist that I took the word ‘God’ out of an episode of The Brothers. I asked why and chief among the many non-reasons was the lack of balance it implied. Sensing that the person on the other end of the line didn’t have a real point to make I offered, in the interest of BBC balance, to include the word ‘devil’ in the script as well. Great idea, the man said, and gave the script a green tick for its propriety.
I don’t think Nathan Hawk ever uses the words God or devil. His language is far more colourful and when all’s said and done he did spend thirty years as a copper. Check out the way he speaks, to say nothing of the self-induced trouble he brings on himself, in JERICHO ROAD, the latest in The Nathan Hawk Mysteries.
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Douglas Watkinson is an English novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

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