Backing Two Horses…

It happens all the time, except on this occasion I can’t really ignore it or hope that it’ll pass.

I’m talking about the weird and wonderful business of slogging away at the writing project in hand and suddenly being interrupted by a great idea for something completely different! As I read that sentence back, I fear it doesn’t make much sense and needs fleshing out a little. Here I am with The Fire Pit nearly finished and out of nowhere comes an idea for another Nathan Hawk Mystery.

And I do mean out of nowhere.

Rabbit in a hat

Or should that be anywhere? A piece of research, a situation I’ve put my current characters in, something one of them has said – don’t ask me how the dots join up. People have always asked ‘where do you get your ideas from’ and when I reply that I don’t know they think I’m hiding a trick of the trade. Not so. Most writers really don’t know where their material comes from though they speak in hindsight as if they do. Suffice to say that I do have another Hawk book kicking the stable door to get out. Trouble is if I let it out, there’s a danger it’ll attack the work I’m doing now, overpower it and take precedence.

Anyway, whatever it turns out to be – and with it building in my head by the day – it’ll have to be written. And hopefully BookBub will like it enough to back it. at the end of this week (Friday) they’re featuring the first in the Hawk series “Haggard Hawk”. Strange title, I know. In hawks the word haggard refers to a bird in its prime. In human beings it’s … well, the opposite. There’ll be more about it on the BookBub site which, if you haven’t tapped into, you should. I sound as if mine are the ony books on it, but there are … a few others and because they’re a choosey outfit you’re never disappointed!


Douglas Watkinson is an English novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

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