A shameless plug for my talented family…

It’s nothing less than that and I make no apology for it. You can see Dunchan Clyde (Watkinson) playing D.S.Peters in the new series ‘Snatch’ (based on the film). It’s due for transmission ‘imminently’, we’re told. His sister, Sassy Clyde (Watkinson) is one of the driving forces in ‘Get Over It’ theatre company. Their next project is a clutch of new writing which they’re making something of a trademark and plan to do a batch of new, short plays every three months. The last one I saw consisted of five playlets and they were excellent with one or two stand-out pieces of writing. So if any literary agents out there want a platform for promising clients they should contact ‘Get Over It’, or me, and I’ll pass details on. Dunchan and Sassy’s older brother, Callum Watkinson, can be seen most days reporting on Central News. That’s a tough old game these days: journalists like him do everything – researching items, scripting them, performing them, self-shooting and then editing. They even fly the damned drone, if necessary!

Note: Dunchan and Sassy took the stage name Clyde for two reasons. First, it’s Dunchan’s middle name, second it’s nearer the front of any alphabetical list. Meantime their father remains Douglas Watkinson at www.douglaswatkinson.com and his alter ego, Nathan Hawk is still catching killers.


Douglas Watkinson is an English novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

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