A long way from Brixton…

…by which I mean Brixton register office where The Muse and I were married, sometime in the last century.

There have been two weddings in my life recently. The first was just before so-called ‘freedom day’ and took place in Felixstowe. For a year I’ve thought the venue was Folkestone, probably because Felixstowe conjures up ferries, container ships, cranes, oily sludge on the water and new development everywhere you turn. Not a bit of it. Just down the coast is the seaside town part of Felixstowe which is beautiful. My daughter, lucky as ever, chose it on a whim and also picked the first day of the year when the sun really shone. She and her partner, Velenzia, did the deed in a civil partnership ceremony at the town hall (more like a village hall) after which we strolled down the front to the reception. It amounted to a long lunch on the grassy strip between sea and the restaurant doing the catering and I guess there were thirty of us present. Half of them we knew when they they were kids. Now they’re doctors, PR execs, ward sisters, etc … and Sass and Vee themselves run two fringe theatre companies in London and produce for a podcast company, Janno Media. (Here’s a shameless plug.


It’s just a sample of their work but so classy)

Back to the wedding. Without sounding as if it’s at all relevant, it cost 30 quid a head plus drinks and was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to. The fact that it was the first time since we’d ventured farther than the local tip in two years might have had something to do with that, but only marginally.

The second wedding was just yesterday and we joined it via a video link. An Italian lawyer friend got married in St Peter’s Italian Church in East London, not in a wedding ceremony, but in a WEDDING CEREMONY. Sumptuous isn’t the word for it and so far I’m only talking about the actual ceremony. The reception took place at The Dorchester and looks to have been spectacular. Again the numbers were reduced, thanks to Covid, and I haven’t dared ask the groom to hint at the cost. I just bet it wasn’t 30 quid a head. The weather was just as gorgeous as it was in Felixstowe.

Good luck and much love and huge congratulations to Sass & Vee, and to Roberto & Maria.


Douglas Watkinson is an English novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

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