The Occasional Jonas Kemble book by author Douglas Watkinson

The Occasional Jonas Kemble

by Douglas Watkinson

The Lawlors are a famous theatrical dynasty spanning three generations. When a mysterious young Argentinian woman, Isabella Morales, descends on them at a twenty-first birthday party, the family little realises how profoundly their perfect lives will be altered.

As Isabella’s true intentions become clear, so Marcus Lawlor realises he must act. But how far is he prepared to go to solve the problem which is Isabella and growing worse by the day? Using sweet reason on someone like her is pointless. Offering her money to disappear might work, though certainly not forever. Revealing her secrets might do the trick - if only he knew them.In his search for a more radical solution Marcus turns to the enigmatic Jonas Kemble who has stood by him for most of his life. Can Jonas achieve what Marcus cannot?

Haggard Hawk Book by Author Douglas Watkinson

Haggard Hawk

by Douglas Watkinson

When Nathan Hawk is fired from the police service, for breaking a fellow officer’s jaw, he wonders what he’ll do for the rest of his life. Write his memoirs, perhaps? Play endless golf? Become a Parish Councillor? None of them appeals, so he falls back on worrying about his four grown up children who are scattered across the world.

And then, just as he’s about to go mad with boredom and frustration, a neighbour in the village he’s retreated to does him the courtesy of getting himself murdered. It’s tragic, of course, but for Hawk it’s a lifesaver.
The local police warn him not to poke his nose into their inquiry, but that isn’t in his nature. Pretty soon he’s back doing what he’s best at - catching a killer.

Easy Prey Book by Author Douglas Watkinson

Easy Prey

by Douglas Watkinson

When Teresa Stillman, the daughter of an elderly barrister, disappears her father asks Hawk to find her. Experience tells Hawk that Teresa is probably dead., so he declines the job offer. And then his own wayward daughter goes missing for just a few hours and he panics. realises the importance of keeping hope alive.

He sets off to find Teresa Stillman and gradually unearths a horrifying act of revenge and a terrible, terrible mistake. But instead of calling it a day the avenger seem hellbent on making an even bigger one. Can Hawk prevent a tragedy and bring a murderer to justice?

Scattered Remains Book by Author Douglas Watkinson

Scattered Remains

by Douglas Watkinson

Hawk is harvesting with his farmer friend Martin Falconer when the latter unearths a titanium plate, the kind used to heal broken bones. Martin asks Hawk to find the body it must once have been attached to. Hawk isn’t keen.

His charming, egotistical son persuades him otherwise. Jaikie Hawk is in England for the premiere of a film he’s co-starring in. Important though that is, he’s far more interested in the body which he believes must have been dumped on Martin’s land.
Hawk’s friend, Dr Laura Peterson learns from an engraving on the plate that it was made specifically for a young man called Patrick Scott who broke a metatarsal while ski-ing. A day later she discovers that all trace of the injury and the person who sustained it have been wiped from the NHS computer.
Who wants the world to believe that Patrick Scott never existed? Nobody seems to know but If he’s been murdered then Hawk will find his killer.

Evil Turn Book by Author Douglas Watkinson

Evil Turn

by Douglas Watkinson

When two Grimsby trawlermen are murdered, an old police acquaintance asks Hawk to house a witness in the forthcoming murder trial. What seems like a friendly request turns out to be far from it and within days Hawk’s caught up in a huge drug deal. He becomes a likely IRA target and has severe doubts about the murder charge itself…

The witness, Liam Kinsella, isn’t Hawk’s only unwanted house guest. He arrives with two officers from Witness Protection. One is an attractive young woman, the other a crusty bear of a man, Sergeant Bill Grogan. Hawk enrols his help to re-investigate the murder.
And just when he didn’t need it, Hawk’s eldest daughter flies in from Tokyo having broken up with her long term boyfriend. Can he sort out his daughter’s love life and solve a murder at the same time?

Jericho Road Book by Author Douglas Watkinson

Jericho Road

by Douglas Watkinson

Tom Manners, one of Laura Peterson’s elderly patients, persuades her to enlist Hawk’s help - to find his stolen pocket watch. It once belonged to Heinrich Himmler, allegedly, and as such has considerable value.

Even so, Hawk considers it to be a petty theft and therefore of little interest, but within days of poking around the thief is found murdered. The police believe Tom’s bad temper and often dangerous behaviour make him the obvious suspect. He’s arrested and charged with the murder of a young, itinerant Frenchwoman known only as Marianne.
For Hawk it’s all too straightforward. He digs deeper, driven by an uneasy feeling that if he’d kept out of it the girl would still be alive. And as he digs he uncovers a far, far bigger crime than a stolen pocket watch watch, or even murder.

White Crane Book by Author Douglas Watkinson

White Crane

by Douglas Watkinson

When his son’s Chinese house guest, Suyin Qu, goes missing, Hawk reckons that it’s her prerogative and is reluctant to look for her. Shortly afterwards two men break into Jaikie’s house looking for her and make the mistake of attacking him. The only thing missing is a valuable bonsai tree, a curious thing to have stolen. It makes Hawk wonder if there’s more to Suyin’s disappearance than a lapsed visa.

As he tracks down Suyin’s acquaintances it isn’t long before he stumbles across a brutal murder. Is this why she’s gone to ground? Has his son been harbouring a killer? It would certainly explain why so many other people are are so keen to find her. But she seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth…
Unable to find answers in England, Hawk heads for China where the truth about Suyin Qu, to say nothing of the murder she’s accused of, is finally revealed. And, naturally, Hawk catches the killer.